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New to 3D & Sketchfab!

(Hatty) #1

Hey all! I'm new to the site though I have been spying around for a few days. I can say I'm a bit initimadated by all the amazing work, but it's such a learning experience to see all the bones and shapes people used.
I absolutely love that.

Is there a newbies section when it comes to uploading? I guess that would be rude to ask huh? Haha.

The last thing is, I use Blender to do my artwork and I have developed a decent understanding of the actual forming process when it comes to making objects, but how do you guys colour/texture your UVs?!
They look awesome! My UV maps always turn out horrid and so it's even harder to colour, so I've modelled so many things but never coloured.

Any hints or tips? 😎😁 Nice to be here!
(I've gone through the tutorial page as well.)

(Dark Minaz) #2

first of all, welcome

for uploading, there is an exporter for blender
or you just export it as obj and upload the model, unless you plan on adding animations that is pretty much all you have to do. (or just upload the blend file, i think sketchfab supports that as well)

i create my uv's in 3d coat, usually it's rather simple, try to avoid overlapping parts and make sure you don't move the uvs in ways that i deforms the uv space (not sure if blender got an option, but if not, just add a checker texture and look if your uv looks kinda evenly spaced out)

for textures, once you did the uv correct it should be quite simple to make them nice.
did struggle with that too in the beginning, if you take a look at my first few models here and compare them to the newest :smile:

if you have any specific questions just ask, or just try to upload some models and look what happens

(Nomadking) #3

Welcome aboard @Hatty :smile:

If you're new to things, the WIP section is a good place to start. Sharing your progress as you work and getting tips from other artists is a great way to learn, plus we're all pretty friendly around here :wink:

(Mauricesvay) #4

Welcome to Sketchfab!

Make sure to checkout and . They both contain excellent articles with tons of tips :smile:

(Hatty) #5

Thanks everyone!
I'll take a look when I'm on my pc.
I appreciate the links too, I've been getting lost trying to find everything! Haha.

I mainly work with blender and I'm interested in making low poly simple works. I find it amazing how people can make something low poly look so great, so I want to learn my way around it! 😳✨

Thanks so much for your help guys again,
I'm really hesitant to upload my newbie works but someday!

(The Timeburner) #6

hey,what does 3d coat actually do? Is there a way I can unwrap my model's uvw automatically?

(Dark Minaz) #7

send you a pm, since this is a bit off topic :smile: