New to Sketchfab - Introduction

Hello fellow artists!

I am new to Sketchfab, so I figured it’d be nice to introduce myself first. I couldn’t find a proper thread other than some old ones from 2015, so I’m just posting it here.

I started working as freelance artist more than 10 years ago, but I have changed and mixed a lot of different fields, all related in some way or another to industrial design and 3D modeling.
My first “real” job was at s furniture manufacturing company, where I worked as designer, and product developer for 4 years.
I have sinced moved into fields more related to technology, working mainly on 360 cameras, various robotics, and different personal concepts that of course, I still need to publish.

Other than that, I 'm into a lot of things - photography, graphic design, sculpting, and all things art-related.

Recently, I got interested in 3D scanning, and everything related.

Please, feel free to take a look at my models. Don’t hesitate to be rough, I really want to improve, and create some models that’ll be useful to the community.
Any tips, advice, or comments are more than welcome.

Here are my first posts -

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