New to Sketchfab! Need some help

(Diogodetita) #1

Hello all!

I'm new to Sketchfab but a long time C4D user. I've never thought of doing some kind of interactive website for a client until now. I did a quick search in Google to know if it was possible to do a interactive piece from C4D to web and it lead me to here.

So my big question is: I was thinking to make an animation that each panel would access different pages of the website. Is that possible using C4D and Sketchfab? Do my client need to code something? Is there any kind of tutorial on this?

Thank you so much,


(Bart) #2

There are two ways to approach this:

  1. Use our Annotations system and set up a hyperlink in the annotation. Users would have to first open the annotation, and then click on the link to be taken to another location on your site.
  2. For a better user experience, you'll need to do some Javascript coding and use our Viewer API. You'll find some articles to get you started on our blog, and in-depth information on our developer pages.

Good luck with your project!