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New to the community hopping to get to know some people and ee one anothers art

(Omochalaroo) #1

Hello everyone my name is nika, i just wanted to create this little forum in order to maybe see some other peoples art and maybe have a chat, say hello and how this place feels and such ^w^

Also would love some feed back on my style of art and how i can progress a bit further in my field.
i love making toony type characters with a hint of how pixar looks, but still roughly learning with each next sculp and such.

(Shaderbytes) #2

Hello :wink:

I just checked out a few of your characters and followed your page. What software are you using for sculpting / modeling / texturing etc?

looking forward to see more stuff in the future

(Bart) #3

Welcome Nika! I've seen some of your work in the uploads recently, and I like your shading style.

What are you creating these models for? Work? Education?

(Omochalaroo) #4

mostly making these to buff up a portfolio of mine so i can get some help being pushed into a career in regards to game assets or character development, and also thanks for the complements i like you're guy's stuff too ^w^

(shadowcopalylpse) #5

Video game stuff usually uses triangle polygons.
Particularly for mobile devices

Character development maybe try adding symbolism to colour/clothing.

(Omochalaroo) #6

I mostly make them for hobby and second life selling I wish to work for a game industry but sadly I am having massive trouble getting in as well I'm kinda scared but thank you!

(Lizedwards) #7

I've been a character artist in the games industry for a few years - if you'd like feedback on your folio and applications feel free to send me a message! :slight_smile:

(Omochalaroo) #8

holy heck i would love that!
my portfolio right now thats being worked on here is.


but yeah i would really appreciate that, want to get into that realm very badly.

(Omochalaroo) #9

sorry for wait on a reply, just forgot about forums for a while and got busy in rl.

but the programs i use are "zbrush,topogun,blender,photoshop and now substance painter2, soon to be the deluxe version substance designer ((when i can afford))
and hopefully in the future "toon boom" to make my own cartoons.