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Hi all! I couldn't find any topic for an introduction page so let me get the ball rolling! :smile:
I am Theng Yeong , currently studying Digital Game Art in Singapore!
This is my profile:
I'd love to hear about the members of sketchfab! Be it local or international.
Meanwhile, any criticism or opinions would be greatly appreciated, I've got a lot to learn! :smile:

(Bart) #2

Hey Theng! Thanks for your introduction. Creating such a thread was on my todo list, it's awesome to see someone beat me to it :smile:

I'm Sketchfab's head of community. I work remotely from the Netherlands but meet the teams in Paris and New York a few times a year. I used to run the community for Shapeways and I'm the founder of a Blender news site called BlenderNation.

Unfortunately I don't have a lot of time to do 3D modeling nowadays, but I'm really enjoying 3D scanning. Check out some of my work on my profile (a tutorial is coming soon!).


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Hi guys,

We are recently new on sketchfab. We uploaded a few models and even managed to get featured among the staffpicked models. Feel free to check out our models and give us some feedback.


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Welcome, I love your work! :smile: I've moved your message into the existing introduction topic.

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We were just introduced to this site, So far, very good.

We model in AutoCAD 3DFACEs ( very old software ). It looks like sketchfab handles .3ds format well and that is an easy conversion in autocad.

We've been looking for a replacement of AutoDESK's Design Rreview for a while now. Any chance of adding some markup tools here ? Or are they already there and I have found them yet ?

Thanks! -David

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Hello! My name is Marianne, and I'm a new artist on Sketchfab. I first found out about this website, though looking at Glenatron's Resident Luigi amazing model on It wasn't long until I got inspired to make my account and think, "I'd like to give this kind of thing a try. This website is really cool!"

I've done art in other forms (sketching, abstract computer art, and photography to name a few), and I've started getting into making my own 3D models. So far, it's been really interesting to just experiment with the SketchUp Make software I found--as well as trying things out on I have one project in progress going on in each. It's likely that I might have one of them done sooner than the other for next week! I share my art on my Twitter page, and my own website.

I've enjoyed looking around at various other models on Sketchfab. A lot of you have so much talent! You put in so much effort, time, and thought into what you do. :grin: What I've seen inspires and motivates me to keep developing my new skill.

(Bart) #9

Welcome Marianne, and thanks for the compliment :smile:

Did you know we have a free exporter for Sketchup? You can find it here:

We're looking forward to your work!

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All right, thanks! I'll be sure to check it out. :sunglasses: