New tutorial about creating VR walkthroughs for architects, including lightmapping

Earlier this year, during the lockdown, I investigated several technologies for doing architectural VR walkthroughs with a wireless VR headset, the Oculus Quest. I tried about 10 different options, and came up with Sketchfab, in combination with the LightUp plugin for Sketchup to do the lightmapping (storing lighting and shadowing in textures on all surfaces).
I created a tutorial on the workflow for architects.

I hope it is of any use to architects, who want to try VR for their design reviews, just for themselves and their teams, or with clients.

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This is great! I’m wondering if you have had issues with the VR on Sketchfab? I was using this for the architecture studio that I teach in the university, but haven’t been able to get the VR to work for the past 3 months. Sketchfab said that there was a bug, but didn’t give a timeline to fix it.