Newbie here, 1st photoscan upload, critique please!

pretty much the title . . .

any feedback? too many triangles? is this keywording enough?


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Well, from my point of view as an Unreal Engine guy, it’s super high poly - but that’s because you have an incredible amount of detail on there, so I can’t really call that a bad thing, haha. That is a really crisp capture! What did you use? I haven’t really messed around with scanning much.

thanks, yea, it high poly, but I guess anyone can simplify it later if needed… how many triangles would you prefer for your use?

it’s made of 100+ fullframe (24MP) shots combined in Reality Capture

It being super high poly doesn’t make it a poor model. In my case, VR requires a pretty high framerate, so I tend to err on the side of most models being less than 20k and with a lot of levels of distance. An object like a tree stump, if I had a couple in an environment… I’d probably like to it be 5-10k, but it doesn’t totally depend on poly count. In a much smaller environment, or one with just much less in terms of assets, I’d even go up to 100k if it was worth doing and LODs were functioning well.
Unreal has a nice poly reduction function, so as long as the polys are fairly uniform, your model could probably used as-is. It would just have to be set at 1-2% of the total triangle count or something.


This looks pretty great! I haven’t tried scanning anything this large yet, limiting myself to small objects… arrowheads, to be specific. What camera did you use?

thanks, I use a Nikon fullframe, 50mm lens, around 100pictures, processed in Lightroom to pull details