Newbie to all this

(Dr Ian Smith) #1

Excuse me, but only just getting into all this 3-D modelling. I have files generated in Rhino via a faro Arm.
Is Sketchfab similar to Rhino?
Any 'simple' video that explains the obvious to me?

Thanks in advance.


Rhino is software for creating 3d models. Sketchfab is a publishing platform for sharing 3d models.

The most reliable way to get Rhino models into Sketchfab is to export and upload in .OBJ format.

(Dr Ian Smith) #3

Thanks James.
I have so many pieces of software (all new to me), so trying to figure out what does what.

(Edvin Borkovskij) #4

Hi, don't worry I'm a rookie too. My desingns aren't the best at the moment. I use mostly Blender 3D Software. :smiley: