Newbie with dumb (?) questions

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Good morning. My name is Gary and I operate GWS CUSTOM DECALS. I am a total newbie, so please bear with me. I make custom decals for scale models. My interest is in sizing decals for particular projects. Right now, I can only use 2D templates. It would be very helpful to be able place a 3D image on my computer screen and use it as a sort of live-action template. I would want to overlay decal designs on the 3D model. The recently uploaded McClaren Honda Indy race car is a perfect example. Is there a way to place this image on my monitor or create a live copy of it for this use? Perhaps to import the image into a drawing program like Adobe Illustrator? Is there software that would do this? I should say that I have no 3D design experience and I have no 3D design software, except what is included in Adobe Illustrator.
Thanks for putting up with these (dumb) questions.

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Just to get this right

You want to add a decal (little logo stuff) on a 3d object?
or just a decal on a screenshot of a 3d object? (so it won't be 3d anymore)

For the first, you need download permissions (and permission to use them professionally, since you are selling something) and a 3d program like blender (free) to add your decals as planes to the object
So for example like this

For the 2nd you need permission again to use their 3d model for your work, make a screenshot and place the decal in photoshop or illustrator.

Hope i got your question right :wink:

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Thanks for the quick reply. I'm not sure I know enough to respond, but here goes. The work I do requires placing graphic designs over complex shapes, such as stripes that run horizontally down the side of a car and then curve at an angle to go over, say, a hood or a fender. Using a 2D template is kind of hit and miss because its usually impossible to compensate for the curve. Ideally, I would like to create the design and then view it in 3D using a 3D drawing as a template. Once I'm sure it fits correctly, I would produce and print the design in 2D as a decal. I guess the short version is, I need to make a 2D design fit a 3D object.
Does this make more sense?

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Ah, well in this case you need a 3d object and a 3d app so you can put a plane (with your logo on it) over it and then add edgeloops where the logo needs to fold.

So you need blender (free) and a 3d model (that you need permission to use) and probably 2+ hours to learn the basics

  • how to import an image
  • how to apply that image to a plane
  • how to move the plane
  • how to add edgeloops to the plane
  • how to change the image of the plane into a new logo (so if you update it)

There should be enough tutorials for that in the internet.
As for the models, if you display the model with your logo and show it to someone you probably need permission to do so.
If you only need it to change your 2d logo if something looks off you are probably fine :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much. I've now got Blender and I'll see if I can figure out how to use it. I'm sure I'll have more questions, but I've got plenty to work on for now.



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glad i could help
there are tons of tutorials on youtube or on sketchfab

but if you got specific questions someone will be able to help you :slight_smile: