Newly Applied Textures Not Working


(Tyson Gersh) #1

I’ve been trying to finish this model all day. This is one of the first paid 3D modeling gigs I’ve gotten and it’s really important that I deliver a great product. I’m already late on producing the model for the client because I can’t get around this texture problem.

Here’s the model:

I exported as .Dae from SketchUp and manually added all the textures to an otherwise blank model. I did this after trying to upload the model directly (also tried uploading a compressed .Dae w texture folder) several times running into the same problem.

I am simple trying to finish adding in the last 3 textures to my model. Right now I am getting stuck on the bricks and mortar. For some reason, I can’t get the default color that was present when I initially imported the model to change, despite having manually added different textures in the material editor.

Here’s what’s currently showing up:

Here’s what I’m ultimately trying to create:

Here’s what at the very least should be showing up as the base color:

I was able to add all of the other textures without a problem, but right as I’m in the home stretch trying to finish this thing, I’m suddenly unable to add the final textures.

Out of desperation to finish this model thinking that maybe it was a file size problem, I even upgraded to a SketchFab Premium account, but the problem persists.

How can I get around this problem quickly?

(Paul Sketch) #2

Setting slider of normal/bump map seems to fix it ?