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Hello everyone,:eyeglasses:
I am a new user and a beginner at sketchfab and i am very excited to give my first entry by participating in the Mad Science Contest,2016.
I have been checking this forum and watching the other entries and they are amazing.
Looking the deadline coming nearer, My PANIC Monster has woken up :grin: and...
i decided to break my procrastination and enter in it..
Hoping for the best.:sunglasses:

Here is what i got inspired from...

Cénotaphe à Newton

and the story starts with..

My Research

  • This Building designed by the architect (Étienne-Louis Boullée) as a proposal for a cenotaph for the English scientist Isaac Newton in 1784.

  • The building itself was a 150m (500ft) tall sphere encompassed by two large barriers circled by hundreds of cypress trees.

  • It was planned 60 years after his death, although it was never made.

  • Had it been built, it would surely rank as a manmade wonder of the world.

  • It was FAILED being built at that time because a strong building material like 'concrete' wasn't discovered.

  • The small sarcophagus for Newton is placed at the lower pole of the sphere. The design of the memorial creates the effect of day and night.

  • The effect by night, when the sarcophagus is illuminated by the starlight coming through the holes in the vaulting.

  • The effect by day is an armillary sphere hanging in the center that gives off a mysterious glow.

  • For Boullée symmetry and variety were the golden rules of architecture.

watch this video for more info..

" Millions saw the Apple falling but Newton asked WHY "


the next part is only one click away...

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Continuing the discussion from Reviving Cénotaphe à Newton:

The story Begins with a Title..


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I've moved your 2nd post into this one - best to keep it all in one WIP thread :slight_smile:

Don't forget - the deadline is today, 23:59 New York time!

Good luck!

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Thankyou. I needed to do that but I dont know how to do it. and i am trying my best to upload my entry soon before deadline..:smile: . hope,, i will do it

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The story..


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The form of the LAB.... from the cenotaph concept
This is the miracle of my LAst minute PAnic.
its incomplete.. But i will execute it for sure..
and i was so afraid to upload it.:grin:

Cenotaph revived by lord_mojo on Sketchfab