NFT derivatives- Worker 12

Hi there, i have created an NFT animated derivative with my Worker 12 model, now available on Rarible:

I also placed this link in its Description here on Sketchfab: Worker 12 - Buy Royalty Free 3D model by iggy-design (@iggy-design) [9688985] - Sketchfab Store
I am wondering what are Sketchfabs views on linking derivative NFT works in the descriptions, and also i am wondering , is it possible to integrate an NFT-based function on Sketchfab directly , so if someone wants ,they can buy the “1 of 1” model form for a different price, and everyone else can buy it normally as usual? I imagine a possibility some really cool dynamics on that field. Also some problems, like who has editing rights of the model after the purchase, meaning the Ownership should then be obligatory to keep the “frozen uneditable form” of the model in order for it to keep being authentic and original. Quite tricky, right? :slight_smile: