Nightbane from WoW - WIP

(JER3D) #1

I will try to reproduce the Mount Nightbane from WoW with PBR textures an highPoly mesh

And i will be streaming it from start to finish this week, so if you want to pass by, and see how it's done or have any questions..

here ->

(JER3D) #2

the references i will be using :

(JER3D) #3

i streamed 5 hours yesterday, I have done 50% of the modelisation

I will probably be streaming around 8 pm GMT+1 tonight (21/11/2016)

(Nihal Rahman Nahin) #4


(Dark Minaz) #5

nice work so far, looking forward to the next steps and how it looks on sketchfab in the end :wink:

(JER3D) #6

Thank you guys =)

I have finished most of the modelisation,
I'll probably start the textures tonight.

(Johnson Martin) #7

Looking Good, are you planning to rig it as well? It would look awesome with some kind of simple animation.

(JER3D) #8

Yep it will be animated,

Little update with the textures

(JER3D) #9

Little update with a render test on sketchfab
(to correct a bit the textures before continuing)

textures 75% done

-> next the rig + animation.

(Dark Minaz) #10

the main spine could use a few alternatives to break it off a bit
but overall it looks so pretty :smiley: