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Nissan 200SX S13

(Mmoris) #1

Hello sketchfabers ! My first WIP here.

Some time ago I modeled 3d model of a Nissan and recently viewing some great works here, thought that I should add my old model to sketchfab.

Model is still missing some details, that I will add, but most fun work is texturing, that will help model look more time-worn and aged, as it was born in late 80ties.

So here is what I have at the moment...

Nissan 200SX S13
by LOWpolyMartin
on Sketchfab

(Shaderbytes) #2

looks great :slight_smile:

I do however notice that the grunge on the car body has the same roughness as the non grunge areas. This makes it seem like the grunge is underneath the cars gloss coating.

(Pauljs75) #3

Very nice modeling. Only thing I notice missing are the door hinges, prop-rod isn't positioned correctly with the hood open, and the straps that lift up the cargo cover under the hatch-back part. (At least most cars I've seen with a hatch-back are like that, figuring the 200SX would be the same.) And I think I only notice those because of the high detail everywhere else. (Not going to complain about underbody either. It's not seen that often, and very few people have good refs of that part of a car. There's still enough there to make it seem like something's going on from the usual vantage point.)