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No 3D in latest Chrome on laptop with discreet AMD video & Intel


(Lilithelotor) #1

I'm getting no 3D on my laptop. It's running the latest Chrome. No AdBlock. It is a Dell Vostro 3459 with the AMD Radeon R5 M315 discreet video card. Runs most things fast. I model on this thing, but no viewer sometimes.

(Lilithelotor) #2

Currently tracking down the latest AMD drivers to see if that helps.

(Lilithelotor) #3

Okay, I have the latest video driver and still no 3D support on Sketchfab. What gives... Arg.


Hmm weird. Does it work in other browsers?

If you go to chrome://flags/ there might be some flag you can enable to force WebGL on unsupported hardware. I'm on macOS so I don't know the exact name of the flag.

(Lilithelotor) #5

Indeed it does! It works in Edge & Firefox.

Not in Chrome.

I went into the flags when I first had the problem. There is no option to disable WebGL at all. Only options for enhanced functionality and WebGL 2.0. Those are enabled. No 3D.

(Lilithelotor) #6

If you want to debug it on my laptop I'd totally let you take control of it over Zoom if you want.

It appears to be a Chrome bug so it's not necessarily your domain to fix. The WebGL in general is failing.

(Paul Sketch) #7

the url for the flag is

but laptop with radeon gpu doesn't guarantee that radeon will be used by chrome for webgl, here's some way to try to force chrome to use radeon insted of integrated intel gpu:

Once webgl works, will tell what gpu is in use by chrome (you should get better perfs with radeon at battery cost)

Note that we have no control on google chrome decisions to blacklist gpu, you can however report/ask them about it at

(Lilithelotor) #8

@paul_sketch I set the flag for the blacklist to disable. It was enabled.

I clicked relaunch.

It did nothing sadly. It's not just an AMD GPU but also the Intel GPU which is part of the processor. Either/or should at least work. But perhaps having a laptop with both is the issue in the first place.

I'll work on that list you sent now. If I find nothing I guess I'll file a Chrome bug. T


(Lilithelotor) #9

The quest continues on Chrome's forums:!topic/chrome/4eqpk1WakeY;context-place=forum/chrome