No 3D perception with Cobra VR

(Jan Pacina) #1

Hi there,
I have Cobra VR glasses (compatible with Google Cardboard). They work well with the Sketchfab native VR app (Galaxy Note 4) but I have issues in mobile Chrome browser and the VR models. It just seems that the glasses are inappropriately setup and there is no 3D perception (I see everything twice).
How can I fix this?

(Stephomi) #2

Did you try with a standard cardboard and was it working fine ?
Was it android or iOs (or something else) ?

A screen would help, as we don't have cobra vr glasses.

(Jan Pacina) #3

Hi - Cobra VR are compatible with Google Cardboard. I use Android on Note 4. The Sketchfab native app works well with the glasses but when I try to open the model in Chrome (on my android device) - there is the described problem.