No analiza las imagenes subidas por completo

Es mi primera vez usando meshroom he cambiado varias veces el foto pero no se que sucede solo procesa 32 imagenes de 93 y ya he modificado y cambiado algunas de las configuraciones de los nodos, alguien sabe que puede ser.

Hi - can you share a screengrab of the image set you are using?

There are several reasons images may not align properly.

At a guess, it looks like you turned your subject around and kept the camera in the same place? If you use this capture setup you will need to remove the background from each image so that only subject is show in each image on a plain colour.

Finally, the subject you have chosen to scan is not ideal for photogrammetry - it is very plain (no detail across surface) and it looks quite shiny.

Hope that is useful info!

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