No answer-Want to be a seller on the site

It’s not clear to me why you don’t answer my emails.
I have been trying for weeks to understand how I become a seller on the site and no answer at all.
There isn’t an option to be a seller on your site?
A negative answer would also help, it’s better than waiting for no one.

did a little digging on my end and found that link

I emailed you the jobs and for some reason I got no reply

Hi @meshiweizman. Sorry to hear that! I’d like to look in to this - who did you contact, and when did you send these emails?


I sent it to this On April 5

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Ah that explains it - that’s not a valid email address. Please use

This is the same email, and I was answered there … But after I submitted my works for review to be a seller on your site I did not receive a reply.

Hmm, are you sure? I can see that we sent you an email and that you opened it on April 22 :thinking: I’m afraid we didn’t accept you into our store though, sorry!

Yes, I can send you the correspondence if you want to see.

I got some really good jobs. I would love to send you.

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Sorry, you lost me. You complained saying you didn’t receive a reply from us, but you did. Which correspondence do I need to see?

You can see that I did not answer this, I really want to be a seller. I’d love to know what else I need to do to get to it.

@meshiweizman Hi!
Im Luis from the store team,
I reviewed your models again and they are very good! Unfortunately, the reason why your application was rejected is because our payment method (Paypal) currently doesn’t support your country. (Israel)

In the future we’ll fortunately have better solutions, but I thank you in advance for your comprehension on this.


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… Oh, ok, thank you so much for responding!

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