No anti-aliasing on my new scan


(Punkoffice) #1

I just uploaded a new 3D scan here and there seems to be no anti-aliasing going on. This is the only model I've uploaded that is showing real jaggedness. I checked all the 3D settings and I can't see anything there about anti-aliasing. Does anyone know how to solve this?

(Dark Minaz) #2

offline, change you normals to smooth. I don't know what programm you are using so i just posted blender link, as it got some nice pictures explaining it :smile:

But the model looks quite nice to me.

(Punkoffice) #3

Thank you for your suggestion.
Aliasing is a 2D problem though and is not related to 3D normals. For the record I do also have smooth shading on my faces anyway which I set in Blender but keep in mind that changing normals has no effect on the outside edges of a mesh since it does not actually change the geometry. But yeh, the problem I have is a 2D problem

(Stephomi) #4

No background, no aa.


Yep, just choose a solid color:

(Punkoffice) #6

You're right! Thanks guys. I just turned on the background with the Sketchfab watermark and that fixed it. I like that background.