No edit or delete functionality on comments?


(Shaderbytes) #1

Are you planning to add these features at some point .. they are available most else where on the internet?

Edit Functionality on Comments
Edit Functionality on Comments
(Alexanderesmith) #2

I haven't seen any kind of trolling or such in my comments, but I could easily see that being an issue. I'll second a call for moderation tools.

(Shaderbytes) #3

I was actually referring to being able to edit or delete the comments you make yourself since you could have a typo , a grammar mistake a spelling mistake or a momentary lapse of reason etc .. wink

I mean the functionality is present here in the forums .. why not on a model's preview page?

(Alexanderesmith) #4

... Derp. I second both features smiley

(Bart) #5

Hey guys, this is certainly on my wishlist, I'll poke the team about it. I'd like to be able to:

  • let users edit their own comments, and add a visible 'last edited' timestamp.
  • let users flag comments for moderation (spam, unappropriate behavior etc).

Not sure about deleting your own comments - if you can edit, you can also write 'I deleted this comment' wink The main reason for that is that it would break the conversation - if you write something, people reply and then you completely erase the original statement, it becomes weird.

Other thoughts?

@Shaderbytes - the forum software is independent from the main site.

(Shaderbytes) #6

That sounds good Bart , I understand about deleting though, good point.

The only other thoughts are about direct messages. I have received two spammy messages in the last month.

Since there is no way to access or view direct messages on the sketchfab site .. there is no way to report them as spam either.. thoughts?

ps here is the last message i received :

Subject: "Hello, I ask for your permission."

Message: "Hi, this is Ryan Song from Seoul, Korea. My friends and I are opening a website that introduces and shares creative and useful 3D files from all over the world to makers in Asia. I love your 3D designs and I think it would be awesome to share them with those on my side of the globe. I would like to politely ask for your permission to download, translate (into Korean first, then to Japanese & Chinese in near future), and upload your 3D design files to our website so that individuals who have limited access to 3D contents due to language barriers have the privilege of experiencing such creative 3D designs. We will, of course, abide by CCL and display the source of the file on our website so the users will clearly know that your designs are not for commercial use unless it is discussed with you first. Also, you can ask us to remove your contents from our website anytime you wish. I hope our website, MakersN (to be opened in early Feb), will be able to play a pivotal role in connecting Asian makers -mainly from Korea, Japan, and China- to western makers such as you. Hope to hear from you soon. Best regards, Ryan (or"

You can respond to this message directly by replying to this email.

(Alexanderesmith) #7

flags the last comment for spam stuck_out_tongue

(Andy lewis) #8

Am I the only person who'd actually be quite flattered to receive a message like that? Of course, one would need to be very cautious but the guy could be in earnest. Couldn't he??




(Shaderbytes) #9

I very much doubt such a message is actually sent by a actual single human being who actually looked at your art work.

It would be a case of : Company "X" wants to build a webGL website , they then build a bot/scraper to run through all the users on Sketchfab and have some sort of mathematical analysis of various user properties like the amount of models uploaded and amount of likes received etc... If a chosen threshold is met it generates a direct message email.

(Alexanderesmith) #10

I'm with you. I'd be very dubious regarding the intentions here. I live with an internet where people steal the work that I've given out for free. Try to wrap your head around that one.

(Bart) #11

Hey guys, yeah, I have received several reports about that message and I've warned the account owner. Please let me know if you receive more like these.

(Andy lewis) #12

And I thought I was cynical! Rather glad My naivety' still under there somewhere! 😃

(Mauricesvay) #13

Hey guys,

more control on your own comment is definitely on our roadmap smile

(Matthewbrennan) #14

I'd second (third? fourth?) the ability to edit/delete/flag comments.

An option to allow/disallow comments on a model would be nice, too.

(Tim Vizesi) #15

Any timeline for this? smile

I would like to see this functionality implemented, sometimes I cant spell to save my life! flushed

(Simon Kratz) #16

Supporting this! They said it's on the roadmap so it will definitely come smile

(Bart) #17

Hey guys, no need to start a new thread for this - I'm moving these comments back into the original one so it's easier for us to keep track of it. I'll check in with @mauricesvay to see what the status of this is.

(Pabloserranobasterra) #18

Good morning! I wonder if it is possible now to delete a comment. I tried to add some information about a model, and I made a mistake I would like "clean". This is the link to the model:

Retrato de príncipe julio-claudio (siglo I d.C.) by Los Bañales - Museo Virtual on Sketchfab

and the only comment on it is wrong.
Help, please!!!! :wink:

(Bart) #19

No problem, I've removed it.

(Pabloserranobasterra) #20

Thanks so much, Bart!!! The "boss" wants to launch the museum this Friday, and he HATES this kind of errors... :cold_sweat: :sweat_smile: