No edit or delete functionality on comments?

And I thought I was cynical! Rather glad My naivety' still under there somewhere! 😃

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Hey guys,

more control on your own comment is definitely on our roadmap smile

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I'd second (third? fourth?) the ability to edit/delete/flag comments.

An option to allow/disallow comments on a model would be nice, too.

Any timeline for this? smile

I would like to see this functionality implemented, sometimes I cant spell to save my life! flushed

Supporting this! They said it's on the roadmap so it will definitely come smile

Hey guys, no need to start a new thread for this - I'm moving these comments back into the original one so it's easier for us to keep track of it. I'll check in with @mauricesvay to see what the status of this is.

Good morning! I wonder if it is possible now to delete a comment. I tried to add some information about a model, and I made a mistake I would like "clean". This is the link to the model:

Retrato de príncipe julio-claudio (siglo I d.C.) by Los Bañales - Museo Virtual on Sketchfab

and the only comment on it is wrong.
Help, please!!!! :wink:

No problem, I've removed it.

Thanks so much, Bart!!! The "boss" wants to launch the museum this Friday, and he HATES this kind of errors... :cold_sweat: :sweat_smile:

We can't have issues with the boss! :smile: Happy to help!

I feel like it must have been kind of understood by implication, but the ability to simply reply to comments would be fantastic. :slight_smile:

Absolutely. Comment improvements are on our wishlist, but currently other projects have priority.

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Hi, I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to ask but could I get a commend deleted please? I had to share my e-mail with a client because our regular channel of communication went offline, and I'd rather not continue to have it listed on a public searchable page if at all possible.

The comment is on this model:


Sure thing, I have removed the email address from the comment. I did leave the comment itself in place though as otherwise I'd have to remove the reply too :slight_smile:

I second everything that's been said above about comments. Editing our own comments at least when it's a comment on one of our 3D posts sounds like a sound necessity.

Agreed! We're aware and it's on our todo list :slight_smile:

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Jebus man, has this seriously been on this "To do list" since Jan 2015?

Afraid so yes, we're a small team and have to prioritise how we spend our time. It's not forgotten though!

I do believe being able to delete a comment entirely rather than having an awkward ‘this user has deleted his comment’ note in its place would provide for a better experience. For example, in response to someone asking if it’s available for sale, I once posted that I wasn’t eligible to sell models yet but they can buy it on cgtrader. Now that I have become eligible to sell models here too, I want to delete this post because it’s not true any more and because it’s driving customers to my cgtrader page (which has less of my models). But I’d rather not have another ‘comment has been deleted by the user’ box showing under my model because that kinda sounds like the person must have been up to something bad like trolling. That’s because on most other social platforms you see those kind of ‘comment removed’ labels appearing when someone was moderated. On the other hand, I really don’t think people occassionally breaking some conversations by deleting their comments would be an issue, at least it’s not on other discussion sites. Facebook allows deleting your comments for example without any problem. I would prefer that solution over the ‘comment removed’ thing :slight_smile: Just my two cents.


I agree, I’ll add your +1 to the feature request.

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