No "Fine Art" category

(Noodlecake) #1

I noticed there isn't a category for fine art or high art models, and lots of fine art stuff wouldn't really fit neatly into other categories, particularly if the models are abstract.

I'm from a Fine Art background (graduated this year) and I also like 3D modelling and there aren't any "explore" categories that allow me to look for art. The categories are mostly product, illustration or scene focused themes.

I'm sure there is Fine Art work on here but it's a shame that there's no category for it.

(Rybird) #2

I agree. There should be a fine arts category. To keep it apart from gaming and that is what I do, fantasy/ abstract fine art.

(Bart) #3

I fully agree. We're in the middle of reviewing our categories and 'Art' will definitely be added,

(Noodlecake) #4

Awesome. That's great. :slight_smile: