No Materials after exporting?

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I recently uploaded a model of a "2010 Camaro SS" and what I wanted to do was upload another version but with it textured. On 3DSMax I had made up materials and dragged them onto my model to give it colour etc. but when I exported it there was no colour, it was blank like the model I currently have posted?

I haven't UV mapped it or UV unwrapped it as I'm fairly new to 3DSMax etc. Though it might just be because I dragged materials onto the model and not UV mapped it and properly texted it, I'm not sure.

p.s. I'm fairly new to Forums too, this is my first post on any forum ever, so if I don't quite understand something about the forum, I apologise in advance.


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While i am not familiar with 3ds max, adding textures must mean some sort of uv
or do you mean materials by that? (i.e just making it gold/silver/metal/plastic)

If it was the first, a screenshot would be nice to maybe understand what the app does in that case.
if it was the 2nd, you should have multiple materials in your scene and should be able to change those in the 3d settings under material. It might be that all of them got resetted to grey, as the obj/fbx or whatever you exported might not have saved those values.

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So this is basically how it all should look with the render etc. The Material editor on the left is where you edit the material/colours (like you said gold/silver/plastic etc.) and with this editor you basically select the faces/polys that you would like to put the material onto. Though, this is technically not a texture I feel that this should still show even when exporting to Sketchfab as it shows in the render?

Is there a feature in the 3D settings of Sketchfab to recreate that effect again?

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Ah so you simply add Materials and give them colors
Could you go to your Model in the 3d settings and go to material and post if you got multiple materials there?

something like this? just to know if it exported correctly.
If it did you can simply add colors there and change how "metal" "reflective" etc the materials should be

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That has seemed to work, it's just the separation between the rim and tire that's staying as one material, though it may be because they're grouped but, I feel that with the way they look all in black looks fine. Thank you for your Help!

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Exactly :stuck_out_tongue: normally it should keep them separate if both got their own materials. But groups and modifiers can mess with that sometimes.

If you add a floor, add ssao (in post processors) and some lights (under the light tab, check shadows on one on and off on the other) it will look pretty cool even without textures :slight_smile:
Not sure if the 3dsmax exporter might keep the color settings, might be worth checking out

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I think I might have to do that and see how it looks! :smile: If you'd like to see the final model here's a link directly to my account! :slight_smile:

Many Thanks for your help and advise!