No materials or smooth preview on FBX/OBJ

No matter how I do it, he’s still gray and rough. I’ve checked both Embed Media and Smooth Mesh when exporting as FBX in Maya and carefully followed the Uploading 3D Models sketchfab tutorial. I’ve tried uploading the FBX on its own as well as putting it in a .rar along with the eye texture and uploading that. I’ve also tried exporting as an obj and mat file and uploading that .rar as well. Is there something I’m missing?

EDIT: I’m using Maya 2018.

Did you tried to see about the vertex normals ?
Maybe, you could find a solution in this article:

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There doesn’t seem to be any issues with the normals. Looks completely normal in both Matcap and Shadeless, but I conformed them in Maya just in case. It isn’t that the shading looks weird or black as much as it is the materials + textures are just not present; everything’s default shaded.

As for the smoothness, I set Soften/Harden Edges to 180, which should make it look smooth, but there doesn’t seem to be much difference - it still looks nothing like it does in smooth preview (those sharp ears…oof).

Thank you for replying!

Not a Maya user here, I am using Max. It looks like it doesnt collapse all the modifiers before exporting the mesh. Try doing it manually, not sure how it’s done in Maya, but in Max you can convert it to editable poly.

As for material bit. It looks like there is no texture applied to the material in Sketchfab. Did you upload the texture and applied it?

Sorry, I am at work now. Cant find a better video :blush:

I was able to convert displacement to polygons in Maya (I believe that’s the equivalent) fine, but the model still appears unsmoothed.

As for textures, there’s only a texture for the eyes, but I just realized that the Arnold shader used for the rest of the model may not cooperate with Sketchfab. I’m going to try converting them to lambert shaders and see if that solves the issue.

Partial success! The materials and eye texture appear perfectly after being changed to Maya materials. The only issue remaining is how to make him look like the smooth preview.

You could try this.

Make a back up copy first

  1. Select the mesh (es) that you want to convert and ensure that Smooth Mesh Preview is turned on. See Preview a smoothed mesh .
  2. Select Modify > Convert > Smooth Mesh Preview to Polygons. The original version of the mesh (the cage) is smoothed using the Smooth Mesh Preview attributes.

I’ll probably end up doing that, then. I wanted to avoid actually smoothing it so you can see the wireframe as I made it, but at this point I just want it up.

Thank you for your help!


It’s the way real time rendering works, it doesn’t have any smooth preview.
You can add few more edge loops yourself and play around with the smoothing groups. This way you will show your true skills on wireframe :slight_smile: