No matter the browser or machine, sketchfab is dog slow from my studio

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I have been tinkering around with uploading models over the past day and yesterday I had no speed lag initially in navigating the site and my profile. Today my landing page takes more than a minute to load and then getting my models page takes minutes. If I am lucky, I can hit my kitchen and do some dishes whilst waiting for any model settings to load. Oddly enough the links to the embedded models on my in process web update work just fine. I have cleared firefox cache and the problem still persists... it has brought what I had hoped to be a fun and productive day to a standstill. this is the same with my laptop and desktop in both chrome and firefox. I just remotely logged into my machine at the office to try it and it works as expected... any thoughts on what has bogged me down here? It is a major buzz kill....


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I should note that it is ONLY my profile and model editing access that has gone the way of the wind. Navigating help and support are normal.

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So if I take my pad off the network and use LTE I can access everything fine.

What do I need to look for that would be being blocked?



I've been having some similar issues recently, very intermittently.

My current theory is that my ISP was throttling CloudFront downloads (which is where almost all the site's resources are hosted).

Could you send us a screenshot of your network waterfall, e.g.

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it seems like the problem is when I work on a couple of models then it just locks up. I can type in and it thinks and thinks and then clears out the URL. I am wondering if there is a memory leak on the SF side when you work for too long and for some reason it has to get caught up before I can do anything else. If i give it a few hours it seems to sort out - until I work for a while at it again.

and my ISP is humming along because I am able to do other stuff in tandem.


Hmm. I haven't been able to reproduce this.

Could you send us the 'network waterfall' during a slow page load?

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uh -grin- how do I do that?


In Firefox, for example, go to Tools → Web Developer → Network

You can pop this out into it's own window, zoom in nd out to see more of it, etc.

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Hardware acceleration on or off in browser? smile