No more stereoscopic effect when using sketchfab app on iPhone in VR mode

Hello guys. Just noticed that after last app update there is no more stereoscopic effect when i’m using your app in VR mode on iPhone (I have tested it on iPhone 6 and 7). It looks like both images are showing the same viewing angle therefore rendering out the stereoscopic effect. ex: left eye image showing on both left and a right window in my VR viewing device. Hope you can fix it soon.

Happy holidays

Any one?

Same problem here with an iPhone X (although this has been a problem for some time now).

I wander if VR admin ever read this forum, because how can you ignore such a major app failure. Its not like some shaders are not being rendered properly. The core idea of a VR app is to deliver stereoscopic VR view on ios platform. And it simply does not do it for a long time now…

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@alexwann202 We release a possible related bugfix, can you check if it works for you?

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Hello Paul.

Good job! Stereoscopic viewing now works on my iphone 7

Thank you!

Have a great day.