No texture on scanned models

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Hello I am new on Sketchfab. I tried to upload my first scan, but I cannot load the texture that is included in zip file. Here us is the link:

Pumpkin Box by digitalmaison on Sketchfab

The scan has a rich brown/sand texture.

Someone can help me?




Hi Paolo,

What software did you use to create this model?

Looks like the PLY file doesn't have the texture linked correctly. Adding the texture manually in the Sketchfab Material Editor also doesn't work, indicating an issue UV mapping / texture coordinates.

Here's my test converting to OBJ and adding the texture:

Pumpkin Box Texture Test by PadreZippo on Sketchfab

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Hi James, thanks for your quick support.

That is not a model, is a scan made with Artec Eva scanner. Perhaps scan are not suitable for Sketchfab?

In anycase you say that converting to .obj could be better, indeed your result is perfect.
I try to do on my own and upload, then I tell you.


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Hi James, fixed! Now I know that I must use .obj..

Many thanks for your support



Great! Happy to help.

I'm not familiar with Artec, interesting.

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Well, Artec Eva has been voted as best scanner under $50000, it's a great product, mostly for medical, heritage, handcraft, art. Whether somebody need a scan..

Many thanks for your help, sincerly


No problem.

By the way, 3D Scans tend to look much better in Shadeless mode. Check out these Quick Tips: