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No texture when uploading model from 123d catch (


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Hi everyone!
I am trying to transfer a 3d scan I created with 123d catch mobile app from into sketchfab.
Here's the model:
I downloaded the zip file on and uploaded it to Sketchfab. The model comes up fine but my problem is that the textures (photos) do not show up, and I have no clue how to "glue" them back in place.
I would appreciate any thoughts on how to go about it.



Looks like you uploaded an STL file, which doesn't support textures. Can you try exporting OBJ ( + MTL + textures ) from 123D Catch?


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Wow, thanks for the quick reply!
I uploaded the zip file as it came from 123dapp, and which contains a .3dp, a .mtl,a .obj and four .jpg
Should I organize the folder in a special way?


Not sure what the .3dp file is, but otherwise just drag and drop them all into Sketchfab, or ZIP them together first if they're big :smile:

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I re-uploaded all the files on a zipped folder, but this time I left the .3dp file out... and it worked!

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Thanks for your help, James!


No problem, looking good :smiley:

Might be worth doing some quick cropping in MeshLab or Blender - although it's cool to see some of the context like the graffiti :smile: