No thumbnails on the collections section

Hello, I have some issues with the collections, which I already created weeks ago. Currently, none thumbnails appear in the collections section yet. Why? Here’s some example:

Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 20.16.32

Hi @pepemoreno , and thanks for the report.

That’s a web issue we are tracking on our end, which seems to only appear with collections containing private models…

I’m not 100% sure of the reasons behing it myself, but the web developers are informed of it and will have a look at it, so thanks again for reporting :+1:


Ok. Thank you for the feedback. I’m looking forward to the solution because the thumbnails make the things easier to identify the collections and provide a better look for it also. Keep me posted, please.

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Hi again @pepemoreno .

I come with relatively “bad” news: I have had some feedback from the web developers, and it seems that fixing this behavior is more complicated than I first implied, and given that it is not a critical bug, it has been given a low priority for now and probably won’t be fixed soon…

I’ll still try to keep you posted if we make progress on this, and understand that this can still be bothering: sorry for that inconvenience.

If however anyone reading this post has a strong use-case or need for this “feature”, do not hesitate to bump this thread, we’ll add your +1 to the request :+1:

Have a great day,


Ok, @norgeotloic. Thanks for your efforts to find out more about it. :+1: