No zoom in/out available for my model in SF viewer

(Coni) #1

There is no zoom in/out available for my models in the viewer.. Is that normal ? Normally during model edit, the zoom function work with the middle button, but in viewer it does not work. I hope it's possible to not just pan but also zoom in/out. Else the model is not viewable at all..

(Coni) #2

OK I found a bug on this website. When I come to the model from the My Models menu link and I click on a model, it does not have this zoom function activated. But when I click on a different model from my list in the right column, it suddenly works fine. This seems to be a bug I suppose.


Does control+drag work to zoom?

(Coni) #4

No. Still the same. No zoom. I hope it's not just my problem..


So the scroll wheel doesn't work?

(Coni) #6

Yes that's right.. Scroll wheel..


Operating system/version? Browser/version?

Does it happen in all browsers?

Can you post the console log during page load?

(Coni) #8

Win7 64bit, FF39.0

(Coni) #9

This problem seems to be specific to FF only. Chrome and IE works OK.

(Geoffbell4962) #10

thanks bro! I didn't know that!