Node animation doesn't register? "registerInstanceAnimation did not find targetname"?

I get this intermittent error when using the API to load and show (moderately) complex animated models:
registerInstanceAnimation did not find targetName (Stand_Parent_9.rotate) in the scene graph
In this example, I’ve got a node, Stand_Parent, that has some rotation keyframes in the FBX file. And, sure enough, when the API plays the animation, Stand_Parent doesn’t rotate. There are many other animated nodes in this model, but only this one throws an error. The others behave correctly.

I know the animation exists, and it animates correctly looking at it in the model viewer.
The node is a matrixTransform node. It’s just a simple rotate, nothing too fancy. The entire model is maybe 100 nodes. There is no other node with a conflicting name.

I’ve had this same error in other model files: some parts just don’t register their animation. Somehow the problem got fixed in other models but I don’t know how. Anyone know what is going on here?

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Cannot reproduce, do you have a way to provide a model where it’s happening or a codepen/jsfiddle that reproduce the case ?

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let me look into how I might share that to support… the code is multiple module files

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: now it is behaving correctly… I don’t think I changed anything significant. Threat of support call sufficient to induce cooperation. :sweat_smile:
Previous experiences with this error have been likewise intermittent. As soon as I see it again, I’ll freeze the code in amber and send to support.

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Update: potential Heisenbug. Loaded a page, got the did not find target error, and those items indeed did not animate. Excited to find an instance I could send to support, I reloaded the page to verify. The model loaded correctly that time, no error message, animation working correctly. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Perhaps it cached something that made the second attempt succeed? Tried loading in incognito mode, no error. Tried Firefox, Microsoft Edge. No error. :expressionless:

I can’t believe I’m the only person to ever have this problem, but GoogL turns up nothing. Very annoyed that it’s intermittent and so far unreproducible. :unamused:

Found an instance that reproduces in Chrome. Sent files to support. Appreciate any help.

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