NomadKing - #3December Entries


(Nomadking) #21

Day 6 - Reindeer

I did start off trying to model a real Reindeer… but this idea came to me and i just had to run with it. Really happy with how it turned out! :slight_smile:

(Ever Shroud) #22

Loving the robot theme you have going in your last three! They are all really fun. Also those reindeer bots are too cute!

(Nomadking) #23

Thanks! Robots and Voxels are a good match, so when stuff gets tricky (like modelling a real Reindeer) they tend to be my fallback choice. Everything seemed to work out fine in the end :sunglasses:

(Omabuarts) #24

Oh my your theme has all been really awesome. Keep it up!

(Nomadking) #25

Thank you :slight_smile:

(Nomadking) #26

Day 7 - Igloo

(Omabuarts) #27

@nomadking do you make concepts before modeling?

(Nomadking) #28

I don’t do any sketches or anything before modelling, but I do have a good ‘think’ about my idea before I start :stuck_out_tongue: This is mainly to figure out any problem areas that might come from it when working in voxel, but in the sense of this challenge, it also helps me keep things within a decent time frame.

I guess that’s one of the benefits of working in MagicaVoxel - you can just jump in and start doodling things out in 3D! :slight_smile:

(Lorenzo Mugianesi) #29

The Igloo is awesome! All of them really, but I’m a sucker for anything robotic… so :smiley:

(Nomadking) #30

All hail our new machine overlords! :robot:

(Cookiepop) #31

I’ve loved all your interpretations of the subjects for this challenged, but this one(having the flu) is my fav!! :green_heart:

(Nomadking) #32

Thanks @cookiepop :star_struck:

(Nomadking) #33

Day 8 - Earmuffs

Not as happy with this as other pieces. Should have stuck to robots!

(Nomadking) #34

I’ve also been back and tweaked the Box colour on my Fruitcake delivery box. Now it doesn’t mess with my use of glows and I can brighten up the scene a lot! Much happier with it now :slight_smile:

(Nomadking) #35

Day 9 - Jingle Bells

Had some catching up to do so just kept this one simple. Came out pretty nice too! :slight_smile:

(Nomadking) #36

Day 10 - Pine Cone

A bit less simple, but was fun to make. Went for a bit of a toy / clockwork feel with the robots this time.

(Bboycafard) #37

i like your original concept.

(Nomadking) #38

Day 11 - Gingerbread

Nothing too fancy. Cheated with some PhysX simulation to get the stack :wink:

(Nomadking) #39

Day 12 - Ice Fishing

The idea got away from me a bit here, and I ended up doing a lot more than I planned to lol

(Cookiepop) #40

These are all amazing to me! And they all go together so well.