Nominate your favorite 3D scans for inclusion in a weekly Sketchfab blog!

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We're developing a weekly blog series that will feature some of the best 3D scans from around the world. We need your help, though, and are asking you to nominate the best and most interesting scans that you have come across on Sketchfab.

To submit your favorite(s), just fill out this simple form. You can nominate as many as you like! And stay tuned to the Sketchfab blog for more!

Help us spread the word! After adding your favorite models, please leave a comment with them saying you nominated them with a link to this page.

Biron : chateau and chapel w/guided tour by Gerpho on Sketchfab

(Wishape) #2


(Bart) #3

@wishape could you publish that castle here on Sketchfab?

(Newhere) #4

3D Print: Kevin Keegan And George Best by newhere on Sketchfab

(Biz Sd) #5

Here's my entry for the South America models:

Capela Santo Antônio by BizSD on Sketchfab

(Bart) #6

@newhere nice, but this is probably not the right place to post your models. This thread is about cultural heritage 3D scans :smile:

@BizSD cool - ddid you submit it through the forum too?

(Biz Sd) #7

@bartv Got a bit lost here, there's a specific forum to post it? I've only submitted it trough the form.

(Bart) #8

@BizSD no problem :smile: In the post at the top there's a link to a submission form - that's where you nominate your favorite scans. Thanks!

(Guigus60) #9

This scan isn't the most beautiful one but have a lot of history. Built in 1876 it collapsed in 2011 after a major earthquake in Christchurch. This scan is the only as-built record of the building which will be used to recreate the tower as it was in 2016-2017.

Timeball, Lyttelton, New-Zealand by guigus60 on Sketchfab

Timeball, Lyttelton, New-Zealand
by guigus60
on Sketchfab

(Abby Crawford) #10

Thanks, @guigus60! I'll add it to the list of nominations.

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