Non metallic materials turning metallic

(Daedal Js) #1

so i noticed over the course of uploading and re-uploading things for the recent Mozilla hubs clubhouse contest that a number of my materials (seemingly random) would change back to metallic when i entered the 3d settings.

i even started using a pure black texture as the metallic texture to see if that’d help the issue. it didn’t seem to stop it though it did seem to help a little bit… or maybe it was just luck that it seemed to happen less after that.

anyway it’s kind of a pain to have to redo all your materials if you just want to add annotations or update a model or something. i don’t see how this couldn’t be a bug what with how randomly it seems to happen.


Can you share an example link where this happened? Do you have a simple, sample model that can reproduce the issue?

(Daedal Js) #3

there’s a cloud model up on the catwalk that it happened to. (last annotation easily takes you to it) i didn’t want to go editing anything in the scene because the deadline for the contest it’s an entry for just passed but it was happening to me on this scene all throughout my many reuploads and setting tweaks over the past month or so.

nah i don’t think i have a simple sample model that reproduces the issue at the moment but i’ll try seeing what i can do with uploads of some of the stuff i used in that scene.
it was never every material but there were a few times where it was a large number of them.

i may also need to add that something strange went on with my .blend file fairly early in the contest but appending in (basically importing from one .blend file to another) the models i had at that point and saving a new file seemed to fix it.