Nonlly #3December entries

(Nonlly) #1

I love the idea for that challenge :smiley: Let’s give it a try

(Nonlly) #2

First day. I guess I’ll go with cute and simple for the whole challenge.

(LennyLennbo) #3

Really adorable!

(Nonlly) #4

Day two. I’ve spent hours trying to properly import fire animation and failed. It works somehow but…

(Ever Shroud) #5

Wow, you may not be happy, but I adore the fire animation. It looks so cool!

(Nonlly) #6

Thanks ^^ My main problem is that it’s flickering terribly but well… it’s a fire, maybe it can be justifiedxD

(Machiya) #7

+1 The fire looks OK. I thought the flicking was intentional. Happy Accidents ;0)

(Malwina Czech) #8

It looks amazing! I’m in love with it!

(Nonlly) #9

Day three and penguins!

(Omabuarts) #10

Very2 cool entries. Excellent!

(Machiya) #11

A nice political twist.

(Nonlly) #12

This one was really hard. I had no idea food is so difficult to make

(Laurer1990) #13

wow … i want to just carve my teeths into it :slight_smile:

(Nonlly) #14

I’m glad it looks yummy :smiley:

(Nonlly) #15

Flu always comes with tissues all over the place, even in your nose!

(Nonlly) #16

Another day! This time I wanted to challenge myself a little bit more and did a sculpt in sculptris and retopologised it.

(Nonlly) #17

Looks like someone is stuck

(Lorenzo Mugianesi) #18

Great models!! Really liking your entries

(Nonlly) #19

Thank you! <3

(Cookiepop) #20

I love how you did the ice!