Nonlly #3December entries

(Nonlly) #21

Thank you, I’m glad you like it <3

(Nonlly) #22

Earmuffs. This topic was a good opportunity to practice sculpting

(Ever Shroud) #23

Wow, that looks amazing! I adore the earmuff design, and the face looks lovely. Really beautiful!

(Omabuarts) #24

Love the poor penguin. Did you call animal rescue?

(Nonlly) #25

Yep, but they couldn’t get him out and just pushed back in again :confused:

(Nonlly) #26

It’s getting harder to keep up :slight_smile:

(Ever Shroud) #27

Your doing an awesome job keeping up, and with your work being so detailed too!

Those bells look so cute, I love how you coloured them!

(Nonlly) #28

Thank you <3 I’m really fighting the urge to make scruffy models just to mark the day, maybe I need a short breakxD

(Ever Shroud) #29

Remember you have until January 1st, so there is no need to push your self too hard! A break will not take you out and if you need it it’s a good idea to take it! :blush:

(Nonlly) #30

Pinecone christmas tree I’ve found on google :slight_smile:

(Nonlly) #31

Decorating those cookies was fun :slight_smile:

(Nonlly) #32

Caaatching up!

(Nonlly) #33

Just some fox

(Nonlly) #34

Chimney ready for Santa’s coming

(Nonlly) #35

A soon to be sweater!

(Nonlly) #36

Kinder surprise

(Nonlly) #37

(Nonlly) #38

Time for something sweet

(Nonlly) #39

A very important race to determine which is faster, a penguin on belly or penguin on sledding?

(Nonlly) #40

Animals are the hardest part of this challenge :owl: