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Normal map artifacts

(Skazok) #1

I can see artifacts on my sword and on another models, even on models that is not mine. I would think that it is because we do some thing wrong with settings but here is one strange thing… When I open 3d setings it looks good. Here is screenshots of 3d viewer in common mode and in 3d settings mode.

And that is a link on this model.
May be it is only in my browser… Please say if you see it different.

(Dekro) #2

I see no artifacts, even tried looking at more of your uploads and saw none, so i’d guess it’s probably from your end browser related, just a wild guess.

(Skazok) #3

Thanks :slight_smile:

My OS is Linux.
I think it may be because of propriatry AMD drivers. Stable version are not officially released for Ubuntu 18.04 yet, but without it Substance Painter will not work properly, so I have to use this drivers.


Link to the model?

(Skazok) #5

It seams that problem is on my side, almost all models, not just mine has this artifacts for me. I think it may be cosed by unstable drivers that I use.


Can you please send me a screenshot of this report?

Do you see the same result in different browsers? Have you tried upgrading your GPU drivers?

(Skazok) #7

Here is screen shots in both browses that I use, but now I deleted amdgpu drivers. With drivers that is on default in Ubuntu I do not see this artifacts, though I think That there is steal some subtle imperfection but not critical. In 3d settings mode it steel looks a little better than in common mode.

To make webGL work I had to uncheck using black list of hardware in browser settings. May be I just need new video card.

Yeas The issue is shown in different browsers.
The issue appeared after I installed amdgpu driver. I need this driver to make substance painter work. Now I removed it and and problem is solved.


This is most likely due to the texture optimizations we do for the regular viewer.

I’m really not sure about the issue with the GPU / driver. Maybe @paul_sketch has some insight.

(Skazok) #10

Thank you for your help.
Now I know that the problem is on my side and I know that with right drivers it works well.

It seams that texture optimization + amdgpu driver causes this problem.