Normal map compression options

(Valentin Nadolu) #1

I’m not sure what type of normal map compression Sketchfab uses but I’d like to see more options and user control for it.
Stuff like:

  1. Option to dither normal maps imported from 16 bit files. There are cases when the compressed normal map would look better with or without dithering, it all depends on how it looks in the viewer. Dithering can be achieved in Photoshop by reducing the bit depth of the normal map manually in Photoshop or by re-saving to an 8 bit file format as tga. It would be nice to control this in the editor though as it would avoid having to reimport the file depending on preference.
  2. The ability to use higher bit depth normal maps. Something like 3dc/BC5.

Strange looking normal?
(Valentin Nadolu) #2

Until there’s any fix for this and if anyone is wondering on what a good work-around would be, I wrote a blog post that might help deal with normal map compression:

(Nebulousflynn) #3

Hi @vrntech - just a quick note to say that our devs are aware and working on an option to disable normal map compression :+1: