Normal map disappears after some time

(Slava Zhuravlev) #1

Having a problem with my recently uploaded model:

  • Entering the 3D Settings, everything looks good
  • Saving the settings, the model in Sketchfab looks good, the normal map is present
  • Opening the model in browser on the mobile device, everything is present as well
  • After a minute or so, refreshing a page. The normal map disappears. In the texture inspector it’s blank white (or had a blank yellow a couple of times, which looked kinda ugly).
  • Refreshing the page on the mobile device, the normal map disappeared there as well. (Blank white in the texture inspector)
  • Entering the 3D Settings, everything looks good, normal map is present
  • Saving the settings, and it goes round again)

Would be glad for any help overcoming this issue.

Textures disappear!
Shadows on model appear broken but look fine while in edit mode

Sorry about that. It’s a known issue and we’re investigating.

(Slava Zhuravlev) #4

Wow, that’s a lightning fast reply).
Thank you! Will wait then…

(Pipann) #5

Hi Comm! First topic here, here with a small issue o/

I uploaded this model yesterday and you may notice the shadows look very awkward/reversed on it. I’ve had several friends confirm this for me that they see the same thing, so I’m assuming it’s not just my system/browser or anything (I use Firefox, by the way). When I open it in my 3D settings it looks fine, displayed here: Naamloos-1

I’ve already checked if any normals are flipped, but they aren’t the issue either.

A small change to the rendering or opacity fixes the shading but only for a short moment, before the bug starts showing up again. Is this a known problem? And is there a definitive solution to it?

Thanks for answering upfront!


Update: I have removed the normal mapping for the time being, and that seems to have fixed the issue for the moment, so perhaps it is a rendering problem with the normals? I’d love to hear about this.


Hi Pip,

I merged your thread into this one. It’s a known issue with normal map compression / optimization, and we hope to have it fixed very soon.

(Pipann) #7

Sweet! I saw you merge the topics just as I was browsing. Thanks for the answer and hope it gets resolved! :slight_smile:

(Tombolaso) #8

Hi there, i have a problem with my model!

When i upload my model and enter in the 3D settings everithing its ok… material are just perfect…
When i save the 3D settings and go out for the view normal maps are dissapeared!!!

HELP!!! :frowning:

(Stephomi) #9

Indeed there’s been an issue, we’ll investigate!

Argh, looks like we broke something in our backend texture optimisation.
Normal maps are indeed broken, we’ll try to fix it soon! (no ETA, but hopefully tomorrow or the day after).

(Tomislavveg) #10

Same thing here:

(Tribble42) #11

Hi guys,

We fixed the issue last Friday.

We’ll soon run a script that will re-generate the broken normal maps, but you can also re-save your models from the editor, that will fix them.


(Slava Zhuravlev) #12

Thanks! Everything works indeed).

(Pipann) #13

Also here to confirm the problem has been solved :slight_smile: