Normal map in AR mode looks to strong

Hi there,

I have a problem with my normal map in AR.

My model looks rly nice in the browser:

But when I look at the model in AR mode, it looks like this:

Do you have any tipps for me, how I can make the model look like the one in my browser?

Thank you.


The issue comes from the conversion of the normal map happening during the conversion to USDZ.
To avoid performances issues on iOS devices, the textures (including normal maps) are converted to JPG, and this conversion leaves artifacts especially on high frequency normal maps like the ones used here.
Also, texture transforms are not being supported in ARQL so the USDZ converter needs to generate two versions of the normal map, on which it bakes the texture transform. It explains why you get two different “bad renderings” on this model.

Unfortunately there is not a lot of workaround for this, except tilling a bit more the texture and providing more resolution to details to reduce the impact of JPG compression.

(USDZ has its normal maps exported in JPG with quality 96 so you could have a preview of how it will look like by using a JPG with Q=96 on Sketchfab)



thank you very much for explaining the problem. My personal workaround ist now, to use a roughness map, for controlling the brushed metal effect.

Thanks again, I will use the informations in future.

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