Normal map issue

(Mindmonkey) #1

i am not sure, but it seems my problem is very similar to this. i uploaded this model today (loadscreen art beyond skyrim roscrea; i can’t put a link here) and everything looked fine initially. now however i notice in the viewer weird lighting artefacts:

when I am in editing mode there are no artefacts and everything looks fine: (wanted to put a second picture here but i am not allowed) I noticed the same issue today on older models of mine that were always fine…

Lights, Shadow Rays and Running Dark Patches since several days


I just moved your message to a new thread because it’s not related.


It seems to be an issue on our end, related to normal map processing. We’re working on a fix!

(Halo Media Works) #3

I am also experiencing the same issue. The viewer shows lots of artifacts in the Normals. The 3D Editing mode it looks fine.

I would include a screenshot but what I am working on is confidential. Its a lot clearer if text is used in the normals. Like an embedded stamp in metal.


Can you share an example model link?

(Halo Media Works) #5

Yep I just sent you an email directly about it.


Thanks. Soon we’re going to have a way on our end to flag certain models to not use normal map compression in circumstances like this when the compression result is not good enough. This should roll out in the next few weeks. I’ll keep you posted!

(Kumabeer) #7

I have a same issue on my model:

Is it fixed?


Sorry, we haven’t implemented the fix yet.