Normal Map Problem?

(Wfurneaux) #1

In the 3D settings section the model looks fine but when I save and view the model in the viewer there is this harsh seam
under the nose of the plane. This appears in Marmoset and I just turn on use scale and bias I think is the option.

Christian Pearce Plane #26 by Will Furneaux on Sketchfab

I'm sure it's an easy fix I'm just not seeing it, maybe something to do with colour space?

(Stephomi) #2

Cool model smile !

Indeed it looks like the colorspace is not taken into account in the viewer. We'll try to fix that asap.

Btw, it's best if the normal map is in linear space (and also without compression (png or tga), although it would be longer to load obviously so...).

(Wfurneaux) #3

Ok cool, I'm just going through learning Substance Designer and Painter and PBR and linear workflow and it can be a bit much to keep it all in your head in the beginning.
Yeah I might have saved it out of photoshop and changed things I'l have a play around with it as well. Cheers!

(Stephomi) #4

Good to know, can't wait to see more !

The colorspace issue should be fixed by the way.

(Wfurneaux) #5

Sweet, that was quick! you guys are awesome!