Normal Map Problems

(Alex Magnei) #1

Hi there, I recently graduated from my Computer Game Development course and am thinking of using Sketchfab as a place to store and show off my work. Having learned how to use Blender this Summer, I'm wondering why the bump map on my recent model isn't showing the same on Sketchfab as on Blender. Here's how it looks on Blender and here's how it looks on Sketchfab anyone know why this is?

(Shaderbytes) #2

looks like you have rendering set to shadeless , can you provide a link to your model?

(Alex Magnei) #3 here, I'm still a newbie to 3D so its not fantastic but I'm not looking to become a professional anytime soon.

(Alex Magnei) #4

Sorted it, I increased the environmental reflection on the model and it looks a lot shinier now!