Normal Map UV Issues


(Zlyle90) #1

Hello everyone! I'm having a problem with one of my normal maps. You can see the seam here:

Notice how the other side appears to be flipped? This seems to be caused by having UVs that extend beyond the 0 to 1 space. This is what the texture and UVs look like in Maya. The thin orange line is where the seam is appearing.

Is there a solution to this problem? The texture is tiling so this really shouldn't be an issue. I'd really like to avoid having to shrink my UVs down to the 0 to 1 space - it'll cost me half my texture resolution.

(Simon Kratz) #2

H @zlyle90!
Really strange issue :confused: Did you try to open the fbx in a different modeling program and see if the problem persists?
Just to see if the problem appears only in Sketchfab :wink:


We have Wrap S/T options (Repeat, Mirror, Clamp) to handle UVs outside [0,1] but it seems to make no difference here...

(Zlyle90) #4

@essimoon I've tested the model and textures in Maya, Painter, Designer and Unreal. Only the Sketchfab version has the seam. As James mentioned, changing the texture settings has no effect.

(Zlyle90) #5

Is there any solution to this? I have some more projects I need to move forward with. If the problem isn't solved, I'll have to rework my UVs for future Sketchfab uploads.


Sorry for the delay. We don't have a fix yet, but we're investigating. There's no clear ETA right now, so if you are able to rework the UVs and fix it, you might have to. Sorry :cry:

(Zlyle90) #7

The problem persists even after modifying my UVs. I have no idea as to what would be causing this.