Normal Maps Corrupt Between Editor Scene and Public Scene

(Yemarm) #1

Hello, I've got this model here

And I'm getting an odd issue where the normal maps on the chainmailed parts look fine in the Editing window:

But get screwed up when viewing the public version:

I've already attempted switching between 2K and 1K versions of these normal maps, and the issue persists. I've searched this issue online and can't seem to find anyone having a similar problem, so maybe I'm missing something? Any help would be appreciated.

(Mrchlblng) #2

@yemarm we do perform some extra compression for assets that are delivered in the viewer (as opposed to the editor). In some cases, it happens that it leads to bad artifacts. There have been some posts about this e.g. and our help center should give all details about the issue.
The bottom line, unfortunetaly, is that it's something you might not be able to fix by yourself. We're still testing how astc perform and have some other alternatives we're considering but it might still take some time before we roll this out for everyone.



We’ve implemented an option to reprocess normal maps losslessly to avoid compression artifacts. I’ve reprocessed the model(s) here for you, and you can find more information here:

(Canary Games) #5

Hi guys, I have a model, with which something happens to me … although I could not say if it is the normalmap, and that problem I have seen in some models of other people!

In metallic zones of the model, quite strange squares are made.

For example, I will put a model here; which have moved some pieces at the time of conversion to GlTF.
The moved parts are, the “Foldingscreen” panels, are moved out of their center.

The texture of the blade of the Katana, attached to the handle, are those strange metallic squares.

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I’ve triggered the normal maps to be regenerated for this model. If there are other models with this issue, it’s best to use the contact link in in that other topic.