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Normalmaps compression artifacts


(Jp Fw) #1


i uploaded a model with normalmaps. First all looked fine. But when i opened the links 10 min later,
my model had some bad compression artifacs. Here a screenshot, made in the editor. No problems in the editor.

Here a screenshot 10 min. later

When i delete the normalsmap and upload it again its good for while.
A few minutes later its bad again.


Yep, definitely an issue with normal map compression. We're working on it!

(Jp Fw) #3

can i use a workaround or anything? I have to send it to a costumer tomorrow


Yep, sent an email.



We’ve implemented an option to reprocess normal maps losslessly to avoid compression artifacts. I’ve reprocessed the model(s) here for you, and you can find more information here:

(Jp3d81) #6

Great, Thanks!