Normals not displaying properly on mirrored geometry

(Robcantuart) #1

It looks like there's a problem with my normal display for my mirrored geo.

One side is clearly flipped about.(Rt side)
Checked and double-checked my model.One side is symmetried over with the mirrored UV offset. This here is an FBX file. Looks fine in Max but I'm at a loss here in Sketchfab land. Any suggestions would be most helpful and appreciated.
Thanks! Rob


Seems like we're having trouble with mirror transformations.

Did you delete this model? It's much easier for us to troubleshoot if you include a model link here with your screenshot.

(Robcantuart) #3

whoops here's a link:
Yeah I've tried welded and unwelded seams looks the same...
Thanks again! Rob


Have you tried the 3ds Max exporter ( ), maybe with Auto Unwrap Objects off if you've already unwrapped it yourself. Or, manually exporting OBJ + MTL + textures, which is what the exporter uses.

I'm not that familiar with max. Is there a way to freeze/apply transformations?