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Normals problems

(Romainrevert) #1

Hello !
I don't see another problem like this on the forum. So here it is...
It's a model made in Google Blocks. I cleaned the mesh in Maya. unlock the normals, conform it, harden it. Clean the history. But it's still look like some normals are smooth in Sketchfab.

Thank you for the help !

(Waleguene) #2

Hi @romainrevert,

I imported the FBX in 3dsMax and got the same result:

How did you get the "Face Normal" screenshot ? Is it inside Maya ?
Did you try to reimport the FBX in Maya to see if the normals are as expected?


There is Maya-specific info on vertex normals here:

I hope that helps!

(Romainrevert) #4

The face normal screen is from Maya. And, yes I try to reimport and have the same problem -_-
fbx files drive me crazy. Whatever I do with the normals or the options of the export. The exported file is different...
.obj works well, but no animation :confused:

(Dark Minaz) #5

did you try the game exporter fbx ? @romainrevert that generates a better fbx in 95% of the situations. maybe it works for your issue as well

(Romainrevert) #6

Yeah, same for the game exporter.

(Romainrevert) #7

I found the solution ! It's the UVs. I didn't work on it because I don't need it but it's seems It's better to clean them (auto Uvs and layout) after import your Blocks model in Maya !