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North Carolina meetup: April 1st, Charlotte

(3DGEOM) #1

Hoping to host a meet-up! More information coming soon on that smile

(Bart) #2

Cool! I took a quick look and we have over 300 members in a 50 mile radius from Raleigh, NC. Sounds like it's doable smile

What do you need to get started? Did you see our meetup 'guide'?

(Bart) #3

I just announced your meetup @chrisleggett !

(Bart) #4

Hey Chris,

quick update from my side:

  • I've renamed this topic to make it more clear it's a meetup.
  • I'll email members around Charlotte early next week.

(3DGEOM) #5

@bartv, great to see you posted the Charlotte, NC meetup. It looks to be great fun for those looking to mingle and get a sneak peek of upcoming Sketchfab features. More to come soon grimacing !

(Bart) #6

With all the Facebook and PBR work going on, I need a little bit more time to push this. Probably in the 2nd half of this week.

(3DGEOM) #7

@bartv thanks for the update will stay posted. I have a friend whose going to the 3D print show who had some ideas for showing off some models, and think it would be cool to show off her stuff and get some best practices talks and tips & tricks as initial ideas.

(Bart) #8

It looks like it's filling up REALLY nicely Chris, great job!

(3DGEOM) #9

Thanks @bartv ! I'm not sure if this would be of interest but there is a group in a neighboring town that looks like they have some 3D scanners called Fuel 3D I saw on Twitter with a branch in NC. Maybe tomorrow I can ask you about them and see if scans would be a way to engage people if they want to bring their scanners!

It looks like they are TOTALLY already using sketchfab embedded files on their website ^.^

(3DGEOM) #10

@bartv sorry I have been out of touch on the ambassador forum. I do look forward to getting more involved again. Perhaps we can talk to Julie Levins at the Discovery Place and Education Studio about doing a more concise post together?

If it's too ancient history at this point, I wouldn't worry about it and can stay posted on other ways to support as ambassador -- mainly in the forums and by uploading some new content and engaging smile