Not my latest or featured but I still love you

(Shaderbytes) #1

Hi all

So Im super busy with dev work and have not done any modelling in over a month , sad I know, but today after reading a mail with someone who liked a few of my models , I clicked to my page and scrolled through my models and saw this poor guy.

Its strange to me how this model has to date not been liked even once , since from my point of view he is ranked as one of my personal favourites. Its fan art from a extremely popular old school game , I spent a good amount of effort trying to make a good caricature of the 16 bit pixel image source. It has hand air brushed textures , good lighting , everything is there to make it be likable .. yet somehow it seems Im the only one who feels this way about it HAHA

Metal Slug - Marco by shaderbytes on Sketchfab

(Shaderbytes) #2

It official Marco Has received his first Like! HAHA

@Yaldroid Was the hero who saved the day , 150 000 bonus points , 5 extra lives and 20 credits go out to you! OK so I cant grant you any of those so here is something to make you smile .. it was a personal joke between another developer and myself while I was experimenting with some API features in Unity. May I present :

Foot loose (show me the bacon) edition

ps.. if you think the animation looks kind of wonky its because - it is generated purely via code. wink

(Yaldroid) #3

Wow !!! Cool dancing Pumbaa, lovely code and effect!! (I know nothing about code hatching_chick

Thank you shaderbytes for sharing your love and recall our good old memories~ heart_eyes